Friday June 18-start arranging PT

Current history: Doctor’s appointment was June 17. Little sister came in to help me. It took about 10 minutes to get downstairs, and when we came back, over a half hour to get upstairs (on my rear end).
After we waited for what seemed like hours in a cold examination room (moral: bring sweaters to a surgeon’s hideout), the doctor came in with an entourage of shy med and pre-med students who tried to pretend they weren’t there.

The good: while we were waiting, the w-ray of my foot was left showing on the computer screen, and the aide who accessed it said, as she left the room, “that’s your foot” so I had lots of time to draw a picture of it. (Moral: bring a notebook and something to write with. My palmpilot doesn’t have a camera, so I couldn’t take a pix.) It didn’t seem the time to ask for a copy of the x-ray, so that is something I will do later.
The foot is apparently healing well, even though it swells up and turns purple every time I stand up, and sometimes even if I don’t. It also still hurts, and has a place that is somewhat red and shiny by one of the incisions.
I now start physical therapy, and have been told to bring a shoe when I come for my next appointment in a month.
I had written out all my questions so I could fire them off one after the other at the surgeon.
The not-so-great: It would have been helpful to have been told about the physical therapy earlier. In this day of trying to get insurance plans to cooperate, to be told on Wednesday that you should start PT the next week is a bit tight. (Moral: ask even more questions)
I really paid for the trip later. Exhausted when I got home. And the next day, which is why there were no posts.


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