Nice things

These are some thing people did to help…

  • Went to the emergency room with me
  • Went to the hospital, made useful suggestions, visited me there
  • Let me stay at their home before the operation, (because they had an elevator!)
  • Drove me home from the hospital, stayed around to help me get upstairs if I needed help
  • Gave me a beautiful orchid that is still in bloom 6 weeks later
  • Sent over a fantastic fruit basket from Manhattan Fruitiers as soon as word got out
  • Sent a fruit basket about three weeks into recovery
  • Came over and talked to me, cleaned the house (which really delighted my honey, who was having to do everything!), brought books, etc.
  • Worthy of a separate entry: family members and friends who came over and cooked meals for us–priceless!
  • Got me the laptop
  • Sent cards
  • Went to the doctor’s office with me and took notes
  • And my husband took over all the cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, shopping, making me meals, etc. I don’t know quite how one would manage this living alone! (It’s not so much being on crutches, as the fact that the foot swells up whenever it’s not elevated.)

These things really helped!


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  1. lsjbentl on

    You should add “Made dinners”

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