The recovery plan

Oops! I don’t think I ever mentioned the timeline!
10 weeks recovery time!
I was told that I could go home the evening after the operation, but they wanted to keep me in overnight in case I had a lot of pain. (I cannot imagine how I would have got home that first day!)

  • 8 weeks with no foot-to-floor contact, but the boot could come off  so I could wash the foot once the stitches were out.
  • 2 weeks light contact with the floor, still using crutches
  • Physical therapy starting after 6 weeks
  • Put on a regular shoe and weight on the foot after 10 weeks

There will still be a lot of recovery to go, since I have lost huge amounts of muscle and flexibility!

July 19: added note–this timeline was unrealistic! After 6 weeks we started physical therapy, but it took a week to set up, and even if I can put full weight on the foot in another 2 weeks, I will be walking very slowly, with a cane!


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  1. Kaycia Key on

    I suffered a Lisfranc injury catching my foot between steps on a step stool. That was on June 14th and surgery on June 26th. My injury was fairly mild compared to others, but the injury was between the first and second joints and then a broken third metarsal head and I have one screw through the first and second metarsal joints.

    My prognosis is non-weight bearing for 8-10 weeks, then surgical removal of the screw, and then in the air boot for another month. I was encouraged that you came through faster than you thought in your original time line.

    My doctor told me that I could be in the pool, no contact with the injured foot, that I could massage it regularly and when I come out of the boot, I probably won’t need physical therapy…my first X-ray to check healing is the August 10th to see if I have four more weeks or two more weeks before they remove the screw and then put me in the air boot.

    How severe was your original injury as you seem to be way ahead of me in your recovery process? And how’s the cane, are you using it yet. What kind of shoes are you in now? Hope you almost there with your recovery!

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, and good luck! My original injury was: metatarsals 1-4 were broken. Metatarsal #4 was displaced. The tarsals (I think that’s what they are called. They constitute the bump on the foot above the instep) were apparently stretched apart, so there was ligament damage. I haven’t seen the original x-rays, as I have to get to the original hospital to get them.
      The repair involved: a plate with 4 screws on the 4th metatarsal and a screw going thru the first metatarsal into the tarsal. Apparently they will remain in, tho I have to talk to the surgeon about it, because he originally said some to them would come out.
      I use the boot when I am taking the subway or bus, two crutches when I am walking on the sidewalk, and a cane at home if I am feeling secure. When I am not using the boot, I am usually wearing a sneaker with the tongue removed and piece of foam in its place. I am having difficulty walking in bare feet.
      Physical therapy is extensive! Since I was in the boot for 8 weeks, and non-weight bearing, the muscles in the leg atrophied and ligaments shortened, so I have some pain in my knee that inhibits walking, and have lost range of motion in ankle and foot. If you are exercising in a pool, you may have less range of motion loss, but I find it hard to believe that you won’t need any pt at all, especially if you do things like running, dancing, sports, etc. that require more flexibility than just walking, but maybe you have an extraordinary surgeon!
      Hope this helps..I have gone back to work, so I haven’t had time to update the blog, but I hope to do it soon!

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