Physical Therapy starts!

It’s been awhile since I posted, and quite a lot has happened. I had a doctor’s appointment on the 17. It was originally scheduled for June 10, But I stupidly changed it to the 17 after the last appointment, based on something the surgeon said, and then I later realized it was a mistake on my part. It has put my whole recovery program back a week, which has implications for my leave from my job, etc..oh well.
Meanwhile the job sent a certified letter saying they needed an extension of my leave. OK, I can get to the post office to pick it up?????

Anyway, July 17 the doctor says to start physical therapy next week. Two weeks no contact with the ground, two weeks light contact, come to see him in a month with a shoe and off will come the cast.

Yippee!!! Ooops. YOU try getting PT set up in two days!

Sooooo…I called the physical therapy offices associated with the hospital where the surgery was done. (Strongly recommended by friends who know about these things.) They take my hospitalization insurance, but it has to be set up with a case manager, and takes about a week and a half! So I called the insurance, beg, plead, etc. and they actually got it done in 4 days! Call the hospital…we cannot see you till July 10…Uuuuurgh. Call the you can’t start somewhere else, and then transfer over…call the hospital, beg, plead, finally someone calls back and offers me Wednesday (the next day) at 8 in the morning. YESSS!

But really, it’s at the same hospital that did the surgery. When Paul (my husband) had his hips replaced, Cabrini Hospital set up the physical therapy so he went right into it. Why couldn’t mine be set up in advance?

And it has to be recertified every 4 sessions. With 2-3 sessions a week, that means every week and a half! We need a new medical insurance system. They must be paying more for all the people handling the insurance than a therapist gets in a week!

If you want to see the PT program, see the PT page!


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