The Famous Trip to Montauk (à la lisfranc)

Still playing catch-up! Last weekend, we went to Montauk Point! Paul’s plan: Take the bus to 53rd street, change to the E train to Jamaica Long Island Railway, take the train to Montauk, where our friend  would pick us up.

It actually worked pretty well, except he didn’t realize I wouldn’t take an escalator, so I ended up going down the stairs to the subway station rather than walking around looking for the elevator.

Best advice for the train…Grab the single facing seats! (This was a double-decker train, so more steps because the wheelchair section was grotty) Then you can put your foot up on your friend’s lap. Works better than the double facing seats  we sat in on the way there, tho people were very nice.

Next day my neck was so cramped I couldn’t move! Fortunately, ice packs did wonders.

Went for a walk in the woods..Lesson learned- watch out for ant’s nests when using crutches. They sink in, and the foot contacts the ground if you’re not careful.

Fireworks for the Fourth, sitting on the deck, looking out over the highway, but then the water. Nice!

Generally, the trip was an effort, but worth it!


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