Surgeons speak with forked tongues

July 15..I am really grateful that the surgeon 1. took my insurance, 2. was willing to see me on short notice, and 3. actually caught the Lisfranc injury, which is, apparently, hard to diagnose. and 4. is sending me for physical therapy. So there’s a lot to be grateful for!  But I am really frustrated with some of the information I am getting. Last visit the surgeon told me to bring a shoe next time. Implication: we lose the boot. He said the same thing before the operation–10 weeks, lose the boot, walk. HA!

Now it’s: Continue wearing the boot and use crutches when you are perambulating for two weeks. Then go to a cane. PT for another month, gradually progressing to full weight bearing.

Got my x-rays from him. Originally he said that there would be  screws and a post. The some screws would come out, but not the post. Later, I asked when the screws would be removed (I had been worrying about it), and he said that they wouldn’t…Then I got the x-rays and saw that in reality, it’s a plate with 4 screws on the 4th metatarsal, and a screw connecting the first metatarsal and the bone before it. Looking at them is scary, because the screw head in the first metatarsal seems to be protruding from the bone. The question is: will I be able to do breakfalls and back rolls when I am finally over this? Right now, there isn’t much point in agonizing over it, because I have to learn to walk first.

When I asked the surgeon why he changed his mind about how he would fix the foot  he said he hadn’t…he knew what he would do from the beginning…The other question is: how much can I depend on what he says?


2 comments so far

  1. joansucks on

    i don’t want to use a cane!!

    • fractralfoot on

      Me neither..but I have a feeling that I will be so glad to lose the crutches that I will crawl if I have to!

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