The trip to Great Barrington

Friday I left work early and we went by bus to Great Barrington. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but Paul really wanted to go, and it meant a weekend at a beautiful house in the woods…(Other times we visited there, I saw a garter snake eat a frog, a black snake asleep in a tree, and a jumping spider who cocked her head and lifted a front leg (paw), just like a puppy.)

1. Port Authority 8th Ave IND station seems NOT to have an elevator. Just an endless ramp.

2. They also don’t have elevators from-to all levels. Hopping down stairs is required! (I was told, if you go upstairs one level, you can get an elevator down. Thanks!)

1. Buses are NOT crutch accessible. Fortunately, I crawl pretty well!

2. If you can get seats with your travel partner, you can put the foot on their lap. You can also prop the leg up on the back of the seat in front. If you cannot keep it elevated, it will really swell!

Once we got to our destination, I found that the household now includes a 5-month-old goldendoodle puppy, full of bounce, of course, so we sat down and had a little discussion about the sin of jumping up on someone using crutches. Amazingly, it worked (most of the time), and I had the fun of seeing her come at me at a tearing run, and then screech to a stop instead of jumping up.

Advice: Deal with it at the very start. Use few words. If the dog jumps while you are sitting down, firmly put her down on the ground immediately (assuming this is a dog that is safe to handle).

Further advise: Bring icepacks, and all PT toys. Don’t let being somewhere other than home interfere with the PT schedule!

Was it worth it? YES


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