Playing Blogging Catch Up

Now I am back at work, and trying to do my PT as well, I haven’t had time to blog, so I will play catch up now.

So let’s see…

We went to Vermont for the local mushroom club’s Chanterelle Weekend. This time we got a ride! No bus, no train. On Saturday, I stayed at the house we all rented, did my pt, slept, and walked around outside the house on the rough ground. Walking around, and up and down stairs was a challenge. Sunday, I went with the group and walked about 1/2 mile on a dirt road (with two crutches) and then went down a rocky staircase to a waterfall, where we all had lunch. Went down on my rear end, climbed back up on my feet and two crutches.

Overdid it a bit, I think, but it was worth it. Great food, and company.

Now, two weeks later I can: walk with a cane in the house (preferably wearing a shoe). Use the boot and two crutches when I am using public transportation.

I cannot: walk in bare feet with any degree of normalcy, move my toes up and down to any degree,apread my toes, sit in seiza (Japanese style), balance on my left foot, or put weight on it for long, get my toes to touch the ground if I don’t have shoes on.

What hurts: my knee, which is a real problem, since I am using crutches to take the weight off it, the big toe, the toes in general when I walk, and the area above the incision, mainly the first metatarsal one,  and the outside of the left foot. The outside of the left leg is still numb.

So that is the rundown!


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  1. joansucks on

    thanks for the rundown, it really helps me to know what’s ahead!

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