Trip to Phoenicia

Because of the humongous cost of this injury (I lost almost 55 days worth of retirement bonus), I had to cancel our planned vacation, but I did get a weekend with friends in Phoenicia. This trip is markedly different from the others I did while recovering. First, I can walk. Second, I didn’t have to keep the foot elevated in the bus. I can walk along woodland trails, as long as I am careful and they aren’t too extreme. I cannot go up or down very steep grades, and have to carefully align my foot so the ankle doesn’t roll. I can get upstairs and downstairs pretty easily. These are all things that were issues one way or another on our other little trips!

It also is taking about 3 hours a day to go through all the physical therapy exercises, so I don’t plan to be away from the house for long periods.

A few people have emailed me to say that they have lisfranc injuries, and are interested in how the recovery is going, so I hope this is helpful.


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