Me and the foot regress a bit

(OK, It should be the foot and I, but it sounded better this way.) Got a bit discouraged… I think the easy part is behind me, and now I have to face the hard part. I was even at the dojo a few times, on the mat messing around, trying to do what I could, and people made admiring noises. But that won’t  last forever, and I have to get control of my toes and arch muscles. That’s the hard part–to keep going when the improvements are tiny, and you start hurting again because the movements you are now doing are things your foot hasn’t done for months and months. It means that I have to go home and elevate the foot, and do my exercises, and that means no time for the dojo!

On the positive side, I took my foot to the arts festival on Governor’s Island, a place I had never visited, and we walked around for about 3 hours, had a great time, and I survived it, and even made it upstairs at a pretty good clip when I got home.


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