NYU Hospital Billing Nightmare

This week I found that New York University Hospital has been billing my pt to the wrong insurance company, charging me a co-pay, which they took out of an overpayment I had made way back in May, and haven’t informed me or billed me. Just treated the positive balance as a slush fund! When I called to ask where my overpay refund was,  two reps told me they would give the case to a supervisor, (on two different occasions). but never did. When I finally found someone who could tell me what was going on, she basically told me it was my fault, that the insurance company was the right one, and she couldn’t tell me who to contact to remedy the situation.

Finally, by dumb luck, I got the patient advocate, who acknowledged that I was right and forwarded my complaint to the finance department. They are supposed to call me tomorrow. We’ll see.

Physical therapy department doesn’t even take the insurance that was being billed!  It is done in the hospital, so it’s covered by a hospitalization insurance that I have, not by the one that covers doctors’ care, but apparently their billing department didn’t care to know this.

Meanwhile, I’m having nightmares about it.

Let’s see: As a result of this operation I’ve got:

  • Some remaining urinary problems, because of their poor bladder management post op
  • Pins and needles in the leg, from the spinal. (Lessening, but still there.)
  • An insurance nightmare
  • A foot that works, sort-of. I just hope the surgeon was more competent that everyone else
  • A heart problem identified

So if they actually deal with the billing issue positively, I guess I am ahead, though I hate to think how someone who isn’t educated gets treated!


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  1. Polly on

    What a nightmare indeed! This pretty much sounds like a life altering accident. I wonder how long you will be affected by this- sounds like it goes on and on and on and on. I hope you have some bright moments and that people around you are extra nice to you still. Guess that’s one thing to remember- that it isn’t just right after the accident that you need help and support, but for a long time after.

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