More nightmare!

Boy, once it goes sour, it goes sour!

This morning, Tuesday, I had about 1/2 hour to make some calls before work, so I called Luz, who had left a message on my home phone the day before. She was the customer service rep for the billing department. It seems that her job responsibilities are to tell customers that they are wrong! I stayed cool, and simply asked her to confirm that the information I was given by the insurance specialists in the PT department was incorrect.

Then I told her about the two women I had spoken to in the billing department who had assured me that they would refer my problem to a supervisor. Her response? “I’m not their supervisor.” So much for “customer service!”

So I called the PT department’s insurance specialist and told her that Luz said, in so many words:”You don’t know what you are talking about.” The response was that I should tell her to call them tomorrow and they would set her straight.

I did. I think they should be paying me!

Then, I went in for PT in the afternoon. The woman who checks one in said, “I’m told you have to pay a co-payment.” I nearly had a melt down right there. Interestingly, she immediately changed the billing to the correct (or what I have been told from the start was the correct) insurance right then and there. So I guess that appearing as though you are going to collapse in a heap in front of someone occasionally works.

I am still waiting for a call back from someone who can tell me what is going on.


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