More with the billing

Last week, a woman who is supposed to be New York University Hospital’s “customer service representative” left a message on my home phone to call her so she could tell me what they were doing about the mess. I have called her back 4 times…she doesn’t answer her phone or return calls. Finally, I called the pt department…their insurance person told me they are going to change the billing (apparently they made the original mistake).

But today I got a statement from the company they DID bill..showing that during the entire month of September they disallowed every bill because I had run out of benefits. Now I am afraid that I will have exhausted the benefits that the company that should have been billed (and authorized the sessions) because the entire thing is out of hand.

And to think I thought I was following up on everything by riding herd on my therapist and making sure we got all the necessary authorizations!


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