NYU Medical Center Snafu part 2

What a mess! Now I am going to a GHI-participating therapist, but I can’t get it covered because New York University Medical Center still hasn’t fixed the insurance mess. Now they are billing both GHI and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield for the same treatments! So GHI thinks I have used up all my therapy visits, but I don’t know if the need for pre-cert knocks them out, and I can’t get a straight answer from them because no one can believe that the hospital made such a mess of things.

To top it off, NYUMC’s “customer service” rep called me to tell me they had lost the paperwork on my refund. Since they are offering to refund only $280 of a  $300 overpayment, I asked where the last $20 went, and then she started telling me that I actually had a $130 overpayment, from which they took $20 remaining from a $50 invoice that I never received! The only time I have experienced anything like this was when I was up against a bookkeeper who was messing up the books to cover the fact that he was taking money!

I guess the moral is: Don’t trust anyone.

Meanwhile, I requested an appeal of the denial. I think the therapist sent in misleading info when she asked for more PT to be provided. She kept measuring the ankle movement, when the part that isn’t working now is the forefoot and toes.


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