Well, life is what happens while you are making other plans, as it said in the card one of my friends sent me. Guess what??? I’ve got breast cancer…as tho a bum foot wasn’t enough. The good news is, it got caught early. The bad news is…it really messes up my pt for the foot! So I should add to my lists of  “don’ts” I posted way at the beginning..don’t break your foot if you have ANY chance of having another health problem at the same time.

I’ve been through two mammograms, a sonogram, a stereotactic biopsy, (with the usual insurance problems..this time a doctor who said she participated in GHI, but didn’t. I haven’t received the bills yet, even tho the first mammogram was done in August. But the hospital, Beekman Downtown, just billed me for the first time for a service provided during a hospitalization that occurred 4 years ago!), two lumpectomies (whoever invented the forced-air warming quilt is a genius! I don’t care about the health part, it feels so NICE before they put you out!), and in a week I start an radiation as part of a study that does all the treatments in a five-day period. The doctors say it won’t be that bad, a friend who knows someone who did it says it probably will.

So back to the foot, which is what this blog is about..I lost the appeal, so I am going to PT on my own. I still cannot do a forward roll on my right side, or a back roll, because I cannot push off with my toes or catch myself with my toes to finish the back roll. I am doing calf stretches and lifts to strengthen the toes, but I did too much and strained the foot, so I had to take a few days off. Every day, though I stretch the toes and do isometric strengthening exercises, pushing the toes against my hand, both up and down. I also do balancing exercises. I was doing pretty well, but seem to have regressed. As soon as the breast heals, I will go back to doing the sun salutation..downward dog to plank , then knees chest and chin is a very useful series for toe strength and mobility.

So the pt has gotten pretty boring, just the routine of everyday life. Over and over, with tiny improvements. It’s not a lot to blog about.

Now the question becomes “should I blog my radiation treatment.?” There are few blogs on lisfranc injuries, but many about breast cancer, so I am not sure it will be useful for anyone but me!


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