My Big Toe

Ever since I got out of the cast, I have been working on moving my toes. I was able to move my big toe downward without moving the other toes, but I couldn’t move it upwards. Finally, last week, I decided I was approaching the problem incorrectly, so I raised all the toes and then tried to lower the four little ones. I had to touch my big toe to tell it where it was, but once I had done that, I could isolate it! I still have to touch the big toe every now and then to remind it, but I can now move my little toes down and leave my big toe up. I wonder if this means the problems are from nerve damage rather than tendon damage…

It seems like a little thing, but I still want to be able to do front and back rolls, so I can be back on the mat and this seems to be part of getting my toe strength back.


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