What I Would Do If I Could Do It Over…

Other than not breaking my foot in the first place! These are some things I would do differently:

  • Ask more questions in the ER. When they said, “You might need surgery,” they meant: “You DO need surgery.”
  • Go to someone who specialized in foot surgery for dancers or athletes. The problem was that no one who took my insurance would see me quickly.
  • Find out how often and when I could take the cast off. I was wearing it at home when I didn’t need to, because no one thought to tell me I didn’t need to.
  • Do more PT exercises at home before the cast came off. I lost a tremendous amount of strength, flexibility, and tone unnecessarily.
  • More to follow…

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  1. Bibi on

    This is a really interesting post. It would be great to have a whole blog or website that just focused on this question for all sorts of surgeries. The doctors always act so noncholant – “We do this all the time.” That’s true for them but not for the patient.! At least, now I realize that if I have a health issue or pending surgery, I should google ‘What I should have done” for whatever I’m having to do.

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