Hammer toe, anyone?

Now I seem to be developing a hammer toe on the middle toe.  It isn’t causing problems yet, but from what I read, it could get worse, and I should get it looked at sooner rather than later. I imagine I wasn’t doing the appropriate physical therapy for the toes. So back to doing my doming practice!

June 8…I showed the toe to the surgeon, who referred me to a foot specialist. Yesterday I went to see him. After he flexed the foot forward and back while holding the toe, he said that the tendon was tight, and gave me a one-toe and three-toe brace to wear–whichever was most comfortable.

hammer toe braces

The braces

Unfortunately, they come off if I am in bare feet and walking around. The three-toe one is painful, but the one-toe one seems ok. I will see how they do.

I also found a site with pressure points to relax the tendon, so I will try that, along with massaging and stretching the toe.


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