My Anniversary

It’s a year since the injury. I never imagined it would take this long to recover…or to almost recover! A bit depressing, since I am still limited in what I can do, but on the other hand, I am still improving, so there is hope. I see the surgeon in a few weeks and want to talk about having some of the metal removed. Fingers crossed….


5 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    What a long, long time to be on the mend and not there yet. It’s not been the best of years for you. I hope that next year and all the years after just get better and better.

  2. fractralfoot on

    Actually, I got on the mat after I wrote that entry and had the best practice in a year! So things are looking up.

  3. Bibi Jordan on

    I think you have done a fabulous job at recovering – sticking to the physical therapy, keeping a positive attitude, and sharing your experiences here on the blog. Even without dealing with an injury, all this would be commendable… but, on top of all that you had the worry about the fractal foot injury. So, what you’ve done is remarkable. Congratulations!

  4. Mark on

    Only a year? It seems like longer… Well good luck with the surgeon!

    I have a plate and some screws in my ankle and I keep thinking about getting them out (they sometimes bug me when I where boots), but frankly I am to squeemish and don’t have the time to be back on crutches!

    • fractralfoot on

      The crutches and downtime are a problem for me, too…Did it take as long to get rehabbed from the injured ankle?

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