My boots fit! Why is this a big deal?

One of the delights of a Lisfranc injury is that you don’t know what shape your foot will be after it’s all over. On few months ago, I tried to wear my hiking boots, but gave up after an hour. They just didn’t fit. And when you have a pair of lovely, worn-in boots, the idea of trying to buy another pair you like is daunting, especially if you don’t know if you can hike at all. But last weekend I went on my first real walk in the woods, following the New York -Mycological Society’s annual Morel Breakfast. It wasn’t a real hike, but a two-hour walk in an old, overgrown orchard with lots of  briars, rocks, a stream to be crossed and, of course, lots of poison ivy. I managed it well, and so did my boots! So now I feel that I can attempt something more adventurous. Maybe the back side of Breakneck Ridge?

Who would have the heart to trash these beauties?

And to be honest, after my last post, which had a bit of a depressing tone, I got on the mat and had the best practice in a year! So it just goes to show that giving up hope really isn’t a good idea. But it isn’t over yet. Now I have to strengthen the left leg, because the hip and knee are starting to complain, because all the compensations are coming out.  So more self-designed physical therapy.

The story continues…


5 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    Congradulations! Maybe a hike with a less daunting name? “Sunny Stroll”?

    • Mark on

      Good news! After I broke my leg, when I got the cast off, one leg was several inches smaller than the other. It took a while to get them to be the same.

      • fractralfoot on

        I had the same experience. It took weeks of work to get them back to the same size, and now I have to get their strength back. I thought I had, but was wrong.

  2. Topsey on

    You’re wonderful! My suggestions is Havianas! It’s all you need when you’re in the tropics… a good reason to go there!

  3. Morgane Richardson on

    Nice! So you’ll have to come back upstate with your boots so we can go for a strolling kind of hike 🙂

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