The Trip to the Catskills and the TAP Festival

I realized I forgot to add a note about my weekend visit to my niece and her partner. They have a lovely little house in the Catskills. We spent Saturday afternoon (April 24th) at the TAP Craft Beer and Food Festival, which meant I spent all afternoon walking around, trying the snacks, and trying not to grieve the fact that I am not allowed to drink! And my feet didn’t complain! It was actually a lot of fun.

Next day, we went on a little hike up the start of the Escarpment Trail, and I was able to do that, too. Years ago, I climbed Black Dome and Thomas Cole Mountains, which are close by, so it was delightful to be walking the trail again, even if we didn’t climb very far. Next time, we will do more. So the weekend was a great success. It would have been anyway, but finding out that I could handle it was a real treat.


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  1. Bibi Jordan on

    That sounds really fun. Next time I want to go there, too! And, was that hike the one we did with Sherri?

  2. fractralfoot on

    It was fun, but no, the hike we did together was the Range Trail in the Adirondacks. Much, much harder. I couldn’t hope to do it these days!For one thing, we took the Storey Shortcut with about a foot and a half of snow on it…in spring! I was really stupid, but it made for great memories.

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