The Bike, the Shoes, and … The Trojan?

The Bike…I am trying to ride around Central Park at least once a weekend. First the adventure of getting the bike off the windtrainer, through a narrow apartment and out the door. If you move the ladder by the kitchen shelves, move the recycling by the door, jam open the kitchen door, get the bike backed into the bathroom, curse a bit because the pedal are stuck on the kitchen door, and do all of this without having half the place fall down, you can actually get the thing into the hall! The next step is getting it down four flights of stairs. It is HEAVY!!!

Will I post a picture? Most emphatically not!

Of course, all this has to be repeated on the way back up to the apartment. At least, people who live in the building now speak to me and tell me how sorry they were for me when they saw me crawling up the stairs. I usually tell them that it substitutes for a gym. Not true, but it sounds good!

So with all this, I managed to pull the front brake cable loose. Worked out how to fix it, went riding and now I find the back brakes aren’t stopping the bike, so I have to fix that one, too. Thank goodness for “How To” websites…

But with all this, I am enjoying riding. The first day, I saw Pale Male flying over the trees, and the second time, I saw a redtail being mobbed by small birds. I miss having my binocs with me, but the workout is nice.

Later, November 2, to be exact: I’ve had to give up on the riding. The bike is so heavy that it took too long to carry up and down stairs–and I haven’t had any free weekend days to speak of! But I can use it on the wind trainer, and I am doing the elliptical trainer at least twice a week at the City gym.

The Shoes…two weeks ago, I decided to get a pair of knock off MBTs, on the theory that even a little bit of additional exercise will help. I was concerned that they might hurt the foot. I don’t see much difference in the way I feel after walking, but they don’t seem to be doing any harm, either.

The Trojan..if all the downsides of having a Lisfranc injury weren’t enough, I found a new Lisfranc blog. As soon as I clicked on it, my trusty free antivirus told me there was a trojan attack. So I ran (as much as I can) screaming from the site and never looked back. So, Lisfranc sufferers, check your computer…you may have a bug as well as a break!


2 comments so far

  1. Bibi on

    That would be funny if it weren’t all so also terrifying! I can’t imagine getting the bike up and down all those stairs. I can only manage to drag myself up them and I have no excuse! And I don’t know what I’d do if I found a Trojan in my house except to run screaming down the stairs!

  2. Bibi on

    You are such a warrior woman … clamouring up and down stairs and tackling a Trojan to boot!

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