Final visit with the surgeon

Final visit to the surgeon…He said that “given the injury” the recovery was very good. He wasn’t enthusiastic about removing any metal…he said as long as it didn’t bother me, he would leave it alone. I did learn two things:

  1. I asked him what would have happened if I hadn’t kept my foot elevated 24/7. Basically, possible major swelling leading to permanent nerve damage and pain. Whoooo!
  2. He also said that usually whatever improvement you have made after one year is basically what you are going to get, but in my case, I may continue to improve. I told him I had every intention of continuing to improve, especially as I am constantly getting little breakthroughs.

I asked if it was ok to jump rope, since someone had told me I shouldn’t be jumping around on the foot. He said that if it didn’t hurt, there was no problem.

Finally, gave me a referral to another doctor for the toe that is starting to pull up like a hammer toe. I will probably go to see what he says…

Today, I jumped rope in bare feet for the first time, but I did it on a mat, not on the hard floor. Felt pretty good!

Later: I did go to see the foot guy. I blogged it in the entry on hammer toe. My nephew in Calgary, who is a message therapist, also gave me some massages to do. We did a Skype conference so I could see exactly where to massage..


2 comments so far

  1. Bibi Jordan on

    That is wonderful. Did he say how proud he was of you? He should have! And, I’m pretty impressed about you jumping rope… I haven’t done that for years and years… and I have no excuse!

  2. Joe Bentley on

    good work skippy! Jumping rope is exhausting. Did he call it Morton’s neuroma as the nerve problem with too much swelling? just curious

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