Sometimes the Magic Works!

We had a workshop at the dojo last weekend. I did it all! Two hours on Friday, four on Saturday, and two on Sunday…after which I must admit, I went home and slept for two or three hours. Because the mat was crowded, no rolling, but I was able to stay on my feet for all that time. The magic was in the form of an elderly gentleman from another dojo who saw someone working on my foot before class on Sunday and asked if we needed his help. So we asked, “What do you do?” and he said, “Chi gung.” So I said, “Sure.” and away we went! He held my foot and asked, “Do you feel anything?” and I answered, “No, not yet.”

He seemed disappointed, but kept on working, did a little light massage, then pulled the negative energy out, and gave me my foot back. WOW. My friend who had been working on it before asked if he could feel it, wiggled it a bit, and he said, “Wow” too. It was amazingly flexible. In fact, it felt normal!

Next day was Memorial day. My little sister was visiting so I took her on a surprise trip to the sea. We went to Fort Tilden, which was a real delight. We walked on the beach, then inland in the dunes, climbed to a lookout, did some birding, avoiding massive amounts of poison ivy, then decided to get the bus home. Waited an hour (standing) because at least 4 buses passed us by without stopping because they said they were too crowded. Finally, as it started to rain, driver number five (next bus please, said his sign) made the mistake of opening the door to to talk to us, and we all poured in! Sister and I were the last ones who made it in. I really didn’t think we would fit, but somehow the door closed, since he didn’t have the heart to fight with a hoard of exhausted beach-goers. So we all chorused, “Thank you” and I stood for another hour till we got to the subway.

The point of all this is that after all this the foot still felt good! So sometimes the magic does work!


4 comments so far

  1. Bibi Jordan on

    That’s wonderful! I never tried Chi Gung but always was interested in it. It is great to hear that it really works. And, it sounds like your foot a real Memorial Day Workout. Do you think it would be a therapy that would have helped had you used it earlier?

    • fractralfoot on

      I think it would have helped. However, I don’t know how much was chi gung, and how much was that he really knew how to work with the foot to make it feel better!

  2. Laura on

    Wonderful! Any chance you can find someone to do more of that on you. Good to hear some good news about your foot. Hope you’re not itchy now from all the poison ivy.

  3. joseph on

    that’s great! Keep out of the poison ivy though! are you going to get some more chi gung done?

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