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I am still deciding what to do with this blog. I hate having “accident” lawyers advertising on it!

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been a bit rough. I went for a three-hour hike in the Catskills again, and paid for the next week. I was exhausted for a few days. Then this past weekend we went to the Jamaica Bay Bioblitz, and I went for a three-hour walk on flat ground. The foot feels pretty good now. I think the tiredness is because I am taking Amiradex for the breast cancer, not because my foot was injured, but it is making it difficult to get my stamina back!

June 27 Yesterday we went on a good walk in an upstate park..probably about 4 miles, because we did some backtracking…I saw a garter snake, some wood ducks in non-breeding plumage, wintergreen and shinleaf flowers, a beautiful red admiral butterfly, and Canada geese diving in a pond..I didn’t know they did that. Apparently, it is pretty rare..see the link! We also found russulas, hygrophoroides, one aminita, (not a deadly one)  and a young Berkley’s polypore. All are mushrooms.  Some of the hygrophorides and an edible russula came home with us for pickling.

Since we started looking for the hygrophorides, I was off the trail and on uneven ground. I found that the foot would support me on pretty severe slopes, sideways, forwards, backwards, etc. So that went well. For the first time, when I was walking, my legs felt strong, and I didn’t get at all tired! When I got home, I did find that the Lisfrank injury side of the foot hurt if I stepped on something uneven in bare feet. This morning, the same thing.

Later  today, I am going out to see the Gay Pride Parade…I think I will try wearing sandals instead of shoes with a supportive innersole, and see how I feel.

After standing around watching 4 hours of parade: my foot feels fantastic! Even areas that often feel binding now feel normal. Go figure.


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  1. Bibi on

    Don’t be too tough on yourself – you are such a trooper! I would be totally exhausted after either two of those hikes… and I have no excuse but sheer laziness!

  2. lisfranc on

    I am really enjoying your blog– I just had lisfranc surgery this week (injury occurred 6 months ago). I wish I had seen this earlier on, I just started my own lisfranc blog and subsequently found a few others on wordpress writing about their experiences. When I started looking around online back in December I felt like all I could find were horror stories (people who eventually opted for amputation, etc…). I linked to you from mine, http://lisfranc.wordpress.com/ Like I said, I just started writing, so I’m sort of catching up on the last 6 months and then will start a more day-to-day account of the recovery. Thanks for writing!

    • fractralfoot on

      Wow..I am amazed you could walk! As you probably have found out by now, Lisfranc injuries come in different flavors, so just because there are horror stories on the web doesn’t mean yours will be like that! I am back on the mat, still recovering, and I probably couldn’t run a marathon, but for normal activities the foot is really ok. Good luck! I will put a link to your blog on my blog roll. You are right, we need more information out there about how to deal with these injuries…

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