Crutch Agression

Going to work today, there was a tattooed guy with crutches–extending all the way into the aisle…of course, no one said anything, and fortunately, the train wasn’t crowded, so no one fell over them. When he got up to leave, he jammed them into his armpits, so obviously no one had told him how to use them, either..I was trying to be unobtrusive taking pictures, so they aren’t very good!

Crutch aggression

Crutch aggression

Crutch Agression 2

Another view of crutch agression


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  1. Susie on

    What about hitting others with the crutches? Is that crutch aggression too?

    • fractralfoot on

      That would be another level up! But remember, it is very hard to run away afterward, so it really isn’t advisable. I was always soooo careful to make sure the crutches weren’t in anyone’s way, so it was a bit of a shock seeing someone sticking them out into the aisle like that!

  2. jennsaysholler on

    I have to admit that I am guilty of crutch aggression. I try to make sure that I lay them out where no one will fall over them…but sometimes I just don’t care. Or I’ll use my crutches to block the seat next to me so no one can sit there. It’s horrible I know.

    • fractralfoot on

      When my foot had to be raised, I did put it up on the seat next to me on the bus, but I would take it down when people got on in case they needed to sit there. And put it right back up if they didn’t!
      I didn’t know crutch agression was a real thing. Maybe we should start a c.a. webpage, an association for RPWSFCA (relatives of people who suffer from crutch agression) with a side organization for VCAs, (Victims of Crutch Agression). Wonder if there is any money in it.

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