The Foot and the Sidewalk Tangle

It’s been so hot, it has been really difficult to do my physical therapy, and the Arimidex was making me really tired. I did manage to do a few easy, but long hikes (more like walks in the woods) since my last post without any adverse effects. I still have to strengthen my legs, though.

This thing doesn’t get simpler, though. It compounds. Just as I was feeling more normal, I looked up for a second as I was walking and stepped on an uneven sidewalk outside of the Isador and Ida Straus School…aka PS 198, and my ankle collapsed! I went down in a heap and have a bruised and bloodied knee. I didn’t even have a chance to take a good fall, because the whole leg went out from under me! So now I have learned that the foot isn’t as strong as I had thought. Back to more ankle-strengthening exercises!

To add insult to injury, when I tried to call in the sidewalk repair to 311, they wouldn’t take the call because I only had the street intersection and not the address. Of course, there is no address, or even the school number on the front of the school, just the school namc: “Isador and Ida Strauss School!” You have to walk around to the side to find out the school number, and look up the address on the internet. But once you get on your computer, the 311 online site will take the complaint by intersection. Go figure…And all the businesses around the area have really nice, even sidewalks. Just the school gets to endanger people at will!Uneven sidewalk outside PS 198

Uneven sidewalk outside PS 198

Update: August 26: Well, as of today, the sidewalk still sits, uneven, cracked, dangerous, alongside the school. So much for 311! I checked out the complaint I put in…”Owner notified of condition” as though the City isn’t the owner. Didn’t really expect anything else. One reason not to have anything named after you, even if you are as rich as Croesus, as famous as Elvis, or as saintly as St. Francis! People will curse your name when your namesake place is allowed to deteriorate and become an eyesore, or, worse yet, a danger!

Sept. 14…It gets even better! I stupidly stepped on the uneven bit again and my ankle turned. I wasn’t hurt, but decided to go into the school and ask the uniformed security guard sitting at the doorway what the principal’s name was, so I could call them. She said that she didn’t know! Even better, when I called PS 198, the person who answered the phone said that the staff comes in the 95th street entrance so they never see 96th Street. She told me to call  “P77.” Finally dug up the number for PS 77 (Lower Lab School). Their staff never go outside either, because the woman who answered that phone had never  noticed the sidewalk outside. (Do these people ever teach a civics class?) Obviously, my 311 complaint went nowhere fast! But I did pick up some interesting information. Apparently my neighborhood school has a phantom school inside…no sign, no number letting you know it’s there, not even a street number to use in reporting broken sidewalks, but it is PS 77 (for “gifted” kids, as opposed to PS 198 for the neighborhood kids) and although they share the same building, there is no communication between the two! There is so little communication that even the name on the front door is incorrect!

Anyway, next I will try the Community Council.


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  1. Laura on

    Oh my goodness, that’s really terrible! Can you complain and get the sidewalk fixed. You should post where we complain to and we can all complain. I hope you are managing to get better from that.

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