Little Improvements

Improvements are slow and small these days. But:

  • I ran to catch the subway
  • I skipped down a hill
  • I hopped to show someone I could do it

These are all things I couldn’t do a while ago. And, yes, I was very careful when I ran!

I have also been doing randori (freestyle) standing in place on one foot..the injured one, of course, and yesterday I found that my balance had really improved. I was standing on the injured foot on a soft part of the mat, and my ankle was wobbling like a normal ankle. (Getting ones stability back is a major part of rehab. It keeps getting better and then regressing, which is why I am excited about this situation.)


4 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    That’s wonderful, So glad that you are still improving.

  2. Joe Bentley on

    that’s awesome! If you want to find your feet, you should check out the book “Dancing the Body of Light” by Dona Holleman. It has 8 pages on Tadasana (basic standing) and if you can work through those pages you really get an interesting idea as to the workings of the feet/legs/body/etc as it all stacks up!

    • fractralfoot on

      I will look it up. It sounds really interesting!

  3. Bibi on

    Skipping, hopping, running… we all should be celebrating life with such joy! You are amazing. I want to be there having fun with you and with everyone who gets to share your wonderful spirit!

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