Thanks to Joseph my nephew, I now know that the wobbly feeling I had in my legs two days after the Snake Mountain hike is DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Well, waddy ya  know, it has a name. (I remember how shocked I was as a child the first time I came across the word “defenestration” and my father explained that it was the term for executing someone by throwing them out the window. That was when I decided that adults were really nuts.) This isn’t quite in that category, but REALLY!

Anyway, till now, I just got DOMW (Delayed Onset Muscle Wobbliness) after acupuncture!

Anyway, apparently the solution is to do more exercise, sort of on the theory of “you want something to complain about, I’ll give you something to complain about!” It comes on after unfamiliar exercise, or, according to Wikipedia, “eccentric exercise.” Here’s a link about it.

Apparently, before this, I was in good enough shape that I didn’t really notice it. So it’s something that anyone rehabbing after an injury should know about.


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  1. Sarah on

    So given that I can’t exercise enough to rise above it, and don’t want to exercise less, what does one do about it? Just take more Ibuproven? And why does it happen with acupuncture?

    • fractralfoot on

      I think drugs are the answer. I also read that saunas, hot baths, and massage helps. I don’t know why it happens with acupuncture!

  2. Ms. Frizzle on

    Always knew you were eccentric- in the best possible use of the word!

  3. Joe Bentley on

    Aw Chrissy, all DOMS’d out! Eccentric exercises can definitely increase the chance of getting DOMS, because they are the most powerful type of contraction that our muscles make. An eccentric contraction is when the muscle is contracting while lengthening; think of doing an arm curl where you slowly lower the arm from the curled position to a straight arm. That’s eccentric! Our muscles can handle more weight eccentrically than they can concentrically (or where a muscle shortens while it contracts). So you may be able to slowly lower a 40lb weight with an arm curl and then not be able to curl it back up! that’s being able to eccentrically work the muscle but not generate enough force to concentrically draw the weight back up! Oooooooh how I love muscle talks!

    • fractralfoot on

      Thanks for the explanation! I thought “eccentric exercise” meant Aikido, or, alternately, bad sufi dancing!

  4. Joe Bentley on

    My guess for why you felt it after acupuncture may be that muscles that are holding in a contracted state often don’t receive proper blood supply, and in their contracted state they “store” (for lack of a better word) their metabolites in and around the cell. Think of it like your house generating garbage, but the garbage workers are on strike so you keep it in your house (i.e. cell). Along comes acupuncture and forces the muscle to relax, meaning that the area gets this flood of metabolites released into the bloodstream in the area.
    What do saunas, hot baths and massages have in common? They all increase circulation! So those activities would help flush the area of these metabolites so that they don’t just settle around causing DOMS (although the cause of DOMS is a whole other rant/post!!).

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