Lingering Lisfranc

I was at a three-day workshop this weekend. Not terribly athletic, but it did mean I was barefoot on the mat for four hours (for two days) and two hours the last days. I did find that at the end of the three days my foot was pretty sore. That made me think that I should write an entry about the things I cannot do easily after a year and a half…

The most annoying one it that I can’t easily walk downstairs in bare feet. I usually don’t notice this, because I live in an apartment, but this weekend I had to go up and down stairs to the dressing rooms…and it wasn’t easy. I ended up going down one stair at a time.

Sitting in seiza (Japanese style)… also difficult the first time I do it each class. Both feet have become really stiff, and I have to ease down into it. After they loosen up it is easier. Sitting “live toe” with toes curled under is still not really a possibility. I keep trying to stretch the toes so I can do it, but I am not sure I will win this one.

Finally, running is still not a real possibility, but I can jog. When I get more aerobic ability back, I will go to the park and see if I can actually run!

So that’s the update….


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