Sometimes the Magic Works!

A while back I mentioned that I was starting to go to the city gyms because I just wasn’t getting the rehab I needed from working out at the dojo.I decided I’d gone back too soon, and while I had rehabbed the foot, my leg strength and aerobic capacity wasn’t there. Well, I was right! And yesterday, when I was coming home from the gym, I recognized a feeling I hadn’t experienced for a year and a half. It was that light, floating happiness you get after a satisfying workout. And today I noticed a new spring in my step. Yipee!

I have been working up very slowly so I don’t mess up anything else, but basically, it’s been the ellipitical trainer, when I can get on it, back and front calf lifts, leg presses, and swimming. I know I have to add side leg lifts soon.

So, to anyone with a similar injury–keep up the rehabilitation long, long after you think you should!


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