My Beautiful New Pakstaf

I never did get a picture of my cane into the blog, but I had a lovely purple cane to help me around. Today, a new one arrived from our friend Bob, who makes them, and his design is even better now! The lovely thing about it as a cane (and a hiking stick) is that:

  • it doesn’t make you feel impaired, because it’s so cute
  • it’s a hiking stick once you don’t need a cane any more
  • it breaks down into pieces when you don’t need it
  • it has a compass, so you can tell where you are
  • it even has a little vial that fits in the top for warming drinks! (I can’t do them any more, so I use it for pills.)
  • it’s easy to find if you put it down in the woods, because of the bright color.

When you need it to be a cane, you leave off the top section and use the cane handle. When it’s a hiking stick you add the last section and take off the handle! Quite neat…and it fits in your backpack or bag.

Here's my Pakstaf broken down!

Here's my Pakstaf masquerading as a cane!


5 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    How long is each section? It looks great for travelers- especially those that don’t want to check a bag. Does Bob have a website?

    • fractralfoot on

      I have the small version. The segments are 10″ long. There is one that has longer segments for taller people. You can also adjust the height of the cane handle, and there is an elastic band to hold it all together when it is in pieces in case you don’t want to use the bag. The bag has a belt loop. He thinks of everything!
      An yes, there is a contact email:

  2. Bibi on

    Wow, I love it! Where can I get one? I want one, too!

  3. joseph on

    I wonder if Gandalf had a vial for warming drinks…

    • fractralfoot on

      Probably something you could add to a liquid and turn it into a warming drink!

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