Bouncing Back

Over the weekend, I was halfway down the building stairs when I realized I was bouncing down without even thinking about it.So then I ran (sort of) down the hill to the supermarket. I was so excited!

So today, since I didn’t have to go to work, I cut the gym and ran/walked around the Central Park Reservoir–60-70 steps running, then about 80 walking. It felt really good, so the workout at the gym is really helping!

Here’s the proof! I took a video!

A few days later: Well, I did overdo it a bit…but it isn’t the foot that is giving trouble, it is the same place that’s been bothering me…the point where the leg joins the torso. It’s really sore now…only if I am bent over and straighten up…so I have to give myself a few recovery days!


3 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    Keep on running! Slow and steady does it! Pretty soon you’ll be shoving those speadsters ahead. See any good birds?

  2. Phidippides on

    All marathon runners started with 60 steps of running, and then walking.

  3. joseph on

    That’s awesome! You better be in training to keep up with Emma and baby Cassandra now!

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