Just a little update

Today I had to run down to a store to get there before it closed…I would say about a half mile. Actually, I alternated running and walking, and didn’t get winded at all. The foot hurt a bit, but I could do it. I remember how helpless I felt when I got cut off insurance for PT before I could run. The company felt that human beings don’t have to run, even if they are taking care an elderly parent, etc. It’s taken a lot of work, but I can do it! Thank goodness, again, for the City gyms and the elliptical trainer. So, anyone else who has this injury, just keep plugging away!


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  1. Phidippides on

    Good job! 1 mile done, only 25.7 more to go!

    • fractralfoot on

      Sorry, it was only .5 mile. I walked back. Can marathons be completed cumulatively?

  2. bibi on

    And, what about keeping up with little sisters training to run marathons!

    • fractralfoot on

      We’ll do the Turkey Trot first…hopefully without falling on our noses!

  3. joseph on

    good work! I’ll accept a cumulative marathon…for now! now that you’re running though the sky is the limit!

    • fractralfoot on

      Thanks for the encouragement. It really helps!

  4. abb123 on

    First I just wanted to say I am sooo happy to have found your blog! I have never heard or known anyone else with this injury. Even my physiotherapist had never seen a lisfranc injury before. It took me over a year and 3 specialists to finally be diagnosed with having a lisfranc injury then 8 months to get in for surgery. I am 6 months post surgery now and with it coming into the winter months I have found that my progress in terms of pain management has really started to regress. Living in Canada the cold really seems to bother my foot. Also with walking on the uneven surfaces or walking on the ice I have a lot of trouble. I am just wondering, is this something you or anyone else with this injury has struggled with? Is there anything you do to help? With it only being December and expecting to have snow into April, I am hoping someone has some suggestions with what they do to help deal. Thanks!

    • fractralfoot on

      How did you manage in the year and eight months before diagnosis? I was lucky in a way, because the broken bones had to be attended to promptly, and that led to the Lisfranc diagnosis. I checked my physical therapy record to see where I was after 6 months, and I was also very shaky on my foot. I know I practiced balancing on one foot every day, and that was helpful. I did a lot of different balancing exercises, in fact. I didn’t do my Tai Chi form, but it would have been very beneficial to do. I am pretty sure I still used a cane at that point. I also only wore big sneakers or my hiking boots (when I could finally get into them) so that I had lots of traction on the ice. (Might MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) have good sales on shoes with vibram-type soles, if you don’t already have them?)
      Come to think of it, part of my PT was to walk on uneven surfaces. I think snow and ice is a little extreme, though…
      I don’t have any ideas about the cold…anyone else have a suggestion?
      By the way, where in Canada do you live? My sister is Canadian…

  5. abb123 on

    Haha everyone always asks that. It started as 1 fracture, then another specialist found 2 more. It took me a while to get into the 3rd specialist who found another 3 fractures and the lisfranc injury. I was a competitive gymnast and varsity cheerleader so I knew something was wrong and was persistent! It was quite the process! Thank you for the suggestions about the balancing exercises, I will definitely make sure I do that every day. I will defiantly take a look at MEC for some shoes with good traction as well. I am from the Toronto area. Hopefully all of that will help!

    • fractralfoot on

      I found that part of the balancing problem was that the ankle had stiffened from lack of use, so it couldn’t make the little adjustments it usually makes in order for us to balance. Check in every now and then because there is someone who may have an idea about the cold issue. I am curious as to what the physical therapist is having you do…for the injury in general, not for the cold!

  6. abb123 on

    We worked on alot of strengthening exercises using therabands, doing inclined toe raises, balancing on a foam pad, lots of stretching, practiced properly going up and down stairs, going through proper walking movements(heel toe, pushing off the ball of my foot etc.). We also did acupuncture for a while which seemed to help but was getting too expensive because I had to have it multiple times a week to benefit from it. Basically we got to a point where structurally it is functioning as a normal foot again, and pain was the only thing limiting what I can do. So now I am doing more of a home routine, checking in every few weeks and starting to do light exercise at the gym.

    • fractralfoot on

      It sounds just like what I did, only more! Let’s hope the pain lets up!

  7. leftfootchronicles on

    I’ve been enjoying reading. Am starting a blog which I hope will be about my return to triathlons after a Lisfranc injury in October. I am supposed to be getting my cast off and going into a boot tomorrow. I’d like to include you in my blogroll as a reminder that I am not alone.

    • fractralfoot on

      Certainly you can…and the best of luck in getting back to triathlons! Recovery slows down at the later stages, but it doesn’t stop, so keep on plugging.

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