Back to the Hospital!

No, not for me! I haven’t done my exercises since just before Christmas, for various reasons, but one was that Paul had a knee replacement. It was touch and go whether it would come off, but finally everything worked out and off we went to Joint Diseases on Dec. 28th. To both of our amazement, he came home yesterday, new knee and all, and got up the four flights of stairs. It was strange going to the hospital as a visitor. I had some hesitation about him going there because of my experience, but everyone was great and they got the leg bent to 90 degrees the very first day! On Monday he starts PT, and on Tuesday it has to be back to the gym for me.

Everyone gave us horror stories about how awful the knee replacement experience is, but so far, he’s been very lucky, and it wasn’t bad at all. He was even in a half-sleep for the operation, so he could hear the chopping and chiseling and sawing and banging, which he thought was really neat…and because it was light anesthesia (an epidural numbed the lower body), the recovery from it was really easy.



2 comments so far

  1. Phidippides on

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Paul.

  2. Bibi on

    So happy it all went well!

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