Just when you think it’s getting better…

Just when you think it’s getting better…yes, you blow it. Just a warning for other recovering maniacs…I’ve been enjoying myself working out at the gym, trying to get my leg strength back. For some reason, I still can’t get up from a roll with any elegance, so I have been working with the leg press machine…and I overdid it last week. When I bend the knee and put any weight on it (going down stairs, down the loft bed ladder, etc.), it feels as though there is a band going down the front of the knee, and it’s going to rip in two. Not a comfortable feeling. So for the past week I’ve iced it and used useless Chinese hit medicine, and taken off from dojo and gym. It seems to be getting better, but slowly.

So here’s the warning: take your time and go slowly, or you will end up backing up!


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  1. Lori on

    Hi, I came across your blog because I have a Lisfranc injury. I’m about 8 weeks in at this point, no surgery (yet), in a cast and awaiting a second opinion before surgery. It took six weeks to get a proper diagnosis, and the surgeon I saw wouldn’t answer my questions and actually YELLED at me! So, second opinion it is.

    At this point, I’m supposed to be non-weight bearing, but I’m having a REALLY hard time with that. My foot feels bruisy, but it’s not very painful. I’m in a cast, but has been in a walking boot for the first six weeks and juut got used to moving around without crutches, so I catch myself doing it ALL THE TIME now. Getting a knee scooter to increase mobility while I wait to find out if surgery is the right option.

    It’s really good to hear someone out there recovering from this injury and making progress; I’m feeling quite anxious about it right now because so much of what I’ve read has been really dire.

    I wish you continued strides in your recovery! Thanks for this blog!

    • fractralfoot on

      Welcome to the blog, and good luck staying off the foot! I was told that one needs to stay off so the ligaments can heal, but it seems weird if you’ve been walking on it for six weeks! Tell us what the second opinion surgeon tells you!

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