A Gray Day–But Not For Me!

Today’s a gray day, but for me it’s a milestone! I biked around Central Park (using the cut-off the avoid the big hill at the north end) without walking up any hills. I took a few breaks, it’s true, but then rode on instead of walking!

Here’s the backstory:

I tried riding in the park with the big track bike we had on the wind trainer, but it was too hard to carry it up and down stairs, especially with an injured foot, so I had to give up. So at Christmas, some family members got together to buy me a folding bike. Here it is:

Dahon California Folding Bike

My little bike ready to go!

Dahon California resting

My little bike having a rest

I decided to get a second-hand one, to see how I liked it. This one is really vintage, but quite sweet, and fits really well into our apartment. I think that it is probably harder to ride uphill than a bike with bigger wheels…So today, for the first time, I made it around the park, although by the easy route.

When I started riding, I had to think every time I put the left foot down. It was still pretty weird-feeling. Now when I am riding, I don’t think about it at all. which is a real relief!

It still gets sore from running, working out in bare feet, and walking downstairs barefooted in the morning. I am working on those, though.


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  2. polly on

    How is the riding coming? Does it get tiring riding through Central Park over and over again? I have a small bike, but I found it’s too hard work, so I end up using a scooter all the time.

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