Anastrozole is NOT a sleeping pill!

Well, I didn’t really put the blog to rest, it seems…but posts will be fewer! I was trying not to make this a blog about anastrozole, but when it messes up your rehab…Sooo, I may have complained on the blog that after I started taking the stuff I found that I couldn’t sleep. That made me exhausted during the day. I tried melatonin. It helped a bit. Then my oncologist gave me Ambien. Didn’t really work at all. So I decided that the problem was that my brain wasn’t flipping into the brainwave it needed to sleep, so I downloaded some binaural beat mp3’s that purported to help you to sleep. Amazingly, they actually worked! A melatonin and then the music did it!

Now, of course, it’s possible that it’s simply serendipitous. Maybe the music just gave me something to listen to, so I didn’t get tense about not sleeping. Or maybe the sleeplessness just came to an end itself. Or the fact that I am run/walking around the Central Park reservoir or riding my bike around the park made me tired. I don’t think it really matters.

Anyway, the cherry trees are starting to blossom in Central Park, and life is good…

Has anyone else had a similar problem with anastrazole? What did you find worked? I would be really interested to know, just in case my current solution fails…

May 27…update

It’s amazing, but except for one or two nights, my solution is still working. At first, I took a melatonin and listened to the music. Then I stopped bothering with the music, but still took a melatonin. Or maybe it was the other way round! Next, I stopped them both, but still was able to sleep. It was as though I hot-wired my brain into sleep mode.  I am feeling less tired, too, although sometimes I still need a nap!


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  1. bibijordan02 on

    That’s cool. Can you post the link of the tracks you downloaded? I want to try it!

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