My First Four-Leaf Clover

Before the injury, we used to go to Central Park one evening a week during the spring, summer, and fall. We would read the paper, look at turtles and birds, and I would do my tai chi by the obelisk. It was nice. After the injury, it all stopped. At first I couldn’t get to the park. Then, when I was mobile, the evening got used for physical therapy. After that, the gym. This was one of the small ways the Lisfranc disrupted my life.

Last week, we finally started up again. Since I got there first, I decided to look for a four-leaf clover. I had heard that the trick is to believe one is there. No, it isn’t mystical, because they really aren’t that rare. So I looked for the one that was there, and there it was! It took all of three seconds!

Four-Leaf Clover

My First Four-Leaf Clover

It did make me think about how lucky I have been without a four-leaf clover to my name, and to hope it won’t change. After all, it would be better not to have broken the foot, but given that I did, I had a pretty good recovery. And the breast cancer has been pretty minor!

When I went over to Turtle Pond, I found a bunch of people feeding the turtles. The big snapping turtle was there, knocking the little ones out of the way when she swam. They didn’t seem bothered by her at all! At one point, she seemed to be creeping up on some ducklings in the rushes, but I yelled at them, and they retreated further in. I didn’t want to see a duckling dinner on my four-leafed clover day, and her demeanor certainly seemed different toward the ducklings than toward the other turtles. I may have imagined it, though, because the ducks had survived this long in with her in the pond!

Snapping Turtle in Central Park

Snapping Turtle with Friends

As we walked towards home, Manhattan Henge was happening, so we stopped watch the sun go down over the resevoir. I was standing in the wrong place, so I didn’t get good pictures. Oh well. Then we stopped at a new pizzeria someone had recommended. My luck didn’t hold…The pizza was nothing to write home about, but on balance, a lovely evening!


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  1. Joseph on

    I love the photo of the turtles! It looks like the big one is lecturing the red ears! Congrats on finding the four leaf clover Chrissy, you should go looking for a winning lottery ticket tomorrow!!

    • fractralfoot on

      I have some more turtle pix! I actually saw one of them laying eggs by the Delacorte Theater a few years ago. Maybe it was the same one. There are at least three different kinds of turtles in the pond..maybe four.

      • Laura on

        Cool! Do you know what kinds there are? That can be another day’s project in Central Park next time I come.

      • fractralfoot on

        I know there are red-eared sliders, painted turtles, and, of course, the snapping turtle. Unfortunately, apparently the native turtles have been pushed out by the introduced species..People releasing pets and “food” turtles from Chinatown, while well-meaning, have messed up the balance.

  2. Laura on

    Don’t de-mystify the four leaf clover. If it’s good luck, it’s good luck. You don’t even have to narrow it down to one wish (so much to wish for!) or not think of something, like the white tail, or wish someone else doesn’t get their wish, like a wish bone. Just enjoy the good luck and appreciate the little goodnesses.

    • fractralfoot on

      Thanks for the advice. I will!

  3. Laura on

    I like how this has morphed into a wellness sort of blog. Instead of dwelling on your injury, you’re moving onwards. I found a great website for walking. You pick a virtual trail (I’m in NYC), log your steps each day and it tracks you as you go along your trail. I’m at Miller Field, Staten Island. Maybe I’ll meet up with you sometime, somewhere. Any good mushrooms I should be looking for on Staten Island?

    • fractralfoot on

      You forgot to leave the URL of the walking site. Staten Island is good for Hen of the Woods (Griffola Frondosa), but that’s the most you are going to get out of me on that subject!

      I was supposed to go on a bike ride to Miller Field, but I had to bail. I do want to do it on my own as soon as I feel ready to.

  4. Laura on
  5. Peggy in SC on

    i need some help – my foot still hurts! i’ve been googling and came across your blog. here is my history:

    3/12/11 injury occurred – ER doctor said 2nd metatarsal fx & suspects lis franc injury – puts me in a this post-op shoe

    3/15/11 follow-up orthopedic dr said basically the same and refers me to and orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the lis franc fracture (which is not his speciality) to take a look to see if i really have the fracture – meantime i wore the post-op shoe ( and ice packs as directed) , using a wheel chair getting around

    3/29/11 the first appt with the specialist (because it was the first available appt that i could be seen; i live in a small town) – x-rays taken – confirmed fx and “ligament injury” and said i have a 60, even 70% chance foot will heal without surgical intervention. then gave me an air cast boot to wear with instructions – which were followed

    5/10/11 (6 wks later) specialist said fx –“healing well” – said to use air cast while walking and then to try to walk “normally” (bearing some weight on the front of the foot) for a week, then transition to a normal shoe (during that week, i purchased a pair of orthopedic shoes to match the height of the air cast just in case i needed to wear air cast on one foot and orthopedic shoe on other foot – i didn’t want to compromise skeletal alignment to avoid back/nip pain). i waited for ortho shoes — then did what was instructed. however, pain and stiffness seems to be increasing — pain in between first and second metatarsal in the morning, then as the day progresses, pain in in the fourth and fifth that sometimes radiates up my calf muscle

    my next is appt 7/11/11

    2 questions: is this normal or do you think i should call the specialist before my scheduled appt? would a physical therapy help (which specialist never mentioned)?

    • fractralfoot on

      My gut reaction to the first question is, yes, call the doctor.Please keep in mind that I’m not qualified in any way to give medical advice, but looking at the possible consequences of calling or not calling, I think calling wins. After all, the worst that can happen if you call is that you are made to feel stupid. There’s also a chance that you might be aggravating something by walking on it. If you wait you may find that you have made it worse and now have a longer recovery. So I vote for calling, at least, and trying to find out whether an earlier appointment is warranted.

      As for physical therapy, me, I am always on the pro side. Hopefully, insurance will cover it. I would think that a visit or two would at least give you a chance to have someone analyze your walking and give you some exercises to do to reduce stiffness. You might ask the doctor when you call…

      Good luck with the healing! Does anyone else want to put in their two cents worth on this?

      • Peggy in SC on

        thank you for your quick response! 😉

        i only hope i can find a physical therapist in my area that knows anything about the lis franc injury! (i hate living in a small town!)

        i will see if this specialist can fit me in sooner than 7/11!

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