Running and Walking

I haven’t been posting, ’cause I was running and walking! I decided my efforts at getting my aerobic stamina back weren’t working, because my legs gave out before I got my heartbeat up! I want to do some hiking this year, and I wasn’t making it. In addition, because of the anastrozole, I was gaining weight I didn’t need. So I did two things:

Signed up for Step Up To Better Health, a 10K steps a day program. I got Omron Aerobic step counter, which I really like, because it guestimates the number of aerobic steps you take as well as the total number, and it has a clock.I found that even though I often do walk 10,000 steps, it makes me go out and walk on the days when I wouldn’t have made the cut.

I have to do it, because my sister is doing the same program, and I can’t let her get ahead of me! You enter the number of steps into their database, and can compare with a friend who has also registered.

Then, for the aerobic workout, I signed up for a running course at It takes three weeks to get to the point where you can run for five minutes, then walk for one minute. I am taking it more slowly, but cutting off half a minute from their figures, because I am concerned about my knees, but I’m slowly working up to five minutes. I decided that I’m not wedded to this one…if the knees start giving trouble, it’s history!


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  1. Joseph on

    Speaking of my mum she walked 1900 yesterday! Go get her Chrissy!!!

    • Laura on


  2. Nucklehead on

    This is awesome news. Your knee pain is unfortunate and will probably get better as your strength and mobility improves. But you are not complaining about your foot. Keep up the good work.

    • fractralfoot on

      1900 or 19000?

  3. Laura on

    The Running Room also has excellent Learn-To-Run programs. The store is located in Canada and some US states. Their goal is 10 minute run/1 minute walk for the desired length.

    • fractralfoot on

      I signed up for their running class for breast cancer survivors. I think it should be called “anasterozole survivors!” I hope they will have suggestions about training while on this stuff! It’s also their only free class.

  4. Emma on

    Fantastic to hear you are doing so well, running is fantastic. I’m not sure I’ll manage that. At the moment the consultant says no, but we’ll see …………
    Finger’s crossed for your knee, I do hope it holds up for you !

  5. Sissie on

    You are such an encouragement to me, Fracturalfoot.
    Nucklehead, my knee seems to have hurt since I started physical therapy. It’s just now starting to get better. Now I’m waiting for more physical therapy.
    Nice to hear from all of you.

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi Sissie…did you tell the PT people about the knee? They should be able to give you some exercises to strengthen the muscles around it, if they haven’t already done so. It’s so annoying that so much more than just the foot needs help after you’ve been non-weight-bearing for a while. Ice is wonderful, too, but I would always check with the therapist, first,

      • Sissie on

        Thanks, Fract. I do have some leg lifts, mini squats, heel lifts,balancing on my injured foot along with some stretches. My nerve in my foot seems to be getting better. I’m able to drive and done lots of walking with a cane doing errands. Ice is good, Celebrex works well too. I will keep on working at it. I go back to school at the end of Aug. and I hope to be right as rain. I’m back to pt next Wed. This time I’m going to be very careful I don’t mess up my knee.

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