I revisit the Berkshires

A few weeks ago we went back to visit our friend who had invited us up for a weekend in the country when I was still on crutches and non-weight-bearing. That was when I learned that Peter Pan buses are not accessible, and there is no elevator at the Times Square A-train subway stop, so just getting on the bus was an adventure back then! This time, it was just a normal trip.

The lively, bouncy, nippy goldendoodle puppy, Jazz, who I had taught  (in 5 minutes) that she was not allowed to jump on me has become a lovely two-year old who lives to play ball. As soon as I let her out in the morning, she would be sitting at the screen door with her ball in her mouth, waiting for me to come out and play. Here she is, in her characteristic pose!

Will you come out and play?

Jazz and her ball

Jazz is so smart she has even worked out that if you go to the top of a steep hill and drop the ball, giving it a push if need be, you can romp down to the bottom and catch it, so she will play by herself if nobody is around to play with her.

Jazz’s mistress had broken her leg a month or so previously, and was still elevating it and walking with a cane, and Jazz was really good about never jumping on her. We tried to help out as much as possible around the house, and I found it was extra satisfying to help someone who had been so helpful to me.


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  1. Sissie on

    When I get frustrated I take a look at where I’ve been. I couldn’t even get myself a water from the fridge alone. I couldn’t carry thing any place. All was done on my happy foot, with a walker and/or wheels. I couldn’t drive, go to the store, or anywhere alone. Now I can do so much more with a cane. And at home I am walking more and more without a limp. I still can’t balance on my ouchie foot for more than several seconds. But I can stand on it for awhile. Every time I hear of someone else’s healing, I take it as a victory as well. Because I am not giving up on this journey it that is the destination.
    Now I’m helping a friend who is going to have back surgery. She was a real blessing to me, I feel that same sort of privilege or satisfaction of being there for her.

    • fractralfoot on

      As far as the balance goes, the plus is that my balance with my eyes shut is actually better than it was before the injury because I practiced so much.! Helping someone else certainly takes the focus off feeling sorry you yourself! Best wishes to your friend.

  2. flashnomadBibi on

    and I know Jazz was thrilled to have you to play with!

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