Running and Anastrozole

A while back, I mentioned that I was starting a running program, partly because I was having difficulty getting my aerobic capacity back, partly because I was kicked off PT before I could run, so what would I do in an emergency?

I started with a running program for beginners on, which got you up to running 5 minutes, walking 1, repeated 5 times. I finished that one, and now I am using another program that keeps the 5/1 but aims at getting you up to one hour of run/walking.

The adjustment I am making for the Lisfranc injury is that usually I put the foot down quite flat. Then, if I feel good, part of the time I try to use the forefoot, so I slowly build it up. Other than that, the old injury doesn’t seem to be a problem. My goal is to be able to run/walk a 5K race by October.

Who would believe these little pills can wreak such havoc!

Then the Anastrozole comes in! I have to blame my difficulties on it, because it’s easier than blaming them on me! I can’t find anything on the net about conditioning or running while you are using the stuff, because “running Anastrozole” apparently refers to taking the stuff by choice if you are taking anabolic steroids! So if you google those terms, you get lots of sites about steroids. (How can anyone take this stuff if they don’t have to?????)

One of the side effects is muscle weakness, and it seems to have affected my legs; they get tired very quickly. I adapted the running schedule to have 30-second increments instead on one-minute ones. I have also had to accept that my “running” is a slow jog. However, it still works different muscles that walking does, and over time, I figure, I will be able to go faster.

So those of you who are still in the recovery phase of a Lisfranc injury…maybe you will be reporting on your first 5K in a year or so…After all, Chien-Ming Wang is pitching again…


4 comments so far

  1. Nucklehead on

    I used to do 5K three times a week. Now the thought of doing it once seems so impossible…sigh. I hope to be able to run again.

    • fractralfoot on

      You will! It may take work and more PT. My foot is a bit sore today, because I was prancing in place to develop my forefoot, but it’s sore, not busted! Just wait till the doctor says it’s OK, and start very slowly, because your legs will be toast for a while!

  2. Interval training on

    I love your blog, so interesting.

    • fractralfoot on

      I am glad you like it!

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