Yes! I can run…really run!

Progress has been really slow, but today I added an extra 5/1 (run/walk) to my workout, and just to see, I decided to sprint for the last minute. Well, I lasted 30 seconds, walked for 15, and ran for the final 30 or so. The great thing was that there was absolutely no feeling that the left foot was different from the right! (A while back, when I posted a video of my feet running, I was aware of the difference.)

So I think I will add a final sprint to the workout, just because it feels so good to be really running!


That little sprint has become the best part! It’s a bit longer..still kinda pathetic, but it keeps getting better, and it just feels so good! It’s my little reward for keeping going.

Even Later:

Realized today that I am not pushing off quite as much with the left foot…the injured one. It seems to have a bit less strength and bend in the toes. So back to working on it..I think I have to do more standing on tiptoes, trying to balance there, and pushing against resistance. I hope it will work!

Even More Later:

Sept. 7th, actually. I just got back from my run/walk in the rain in the park. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I did 5 minutes, jogging, 1 minute walk eight times! Today some other runners were very encouraging, telling me, “you’re doing a great job” probably because there were so few of us out there! Two more weeks on this schedule, and then I get to amuse myself with another game!


17 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    Hope I can keep up with you! I better get running again.

    • fractralfoot on

      You’ve stopped! Oh no! I expect you to do a turkey trot in November for sure!

  2. Joseph on

    Thats great Chrissy! I wish I was in NY so I could go on runs with you!

    • fractralfoot on

      I have to get a bit faster for longer first!

  3. flashnomadBibi on

    That is wonderful! Hope everyone who reads your blog realizes that this an happen… but, after a lot of positive thought… and,even more positive energy (work). You are wonderful and a great inspiration… to everyone, not just those that have had your injury!

  4. Sissie on

    High Five for you! Thanks for the encouragement and sharing.

    • fractralfoot on

      Thanks, Sissie! I felt really good…I can’t wait till I can do it for a longer time…

  5. Sissie on

    I don’t remember who asked about hardware and the removal of it. My doc told me to report back that if there is no bone fusion, usually hardware is removed at 6 mos. With bone fusion it stays in forever — unless –insert medical jargon, In other words if the hardware becomes a problem it will be removed.
    My doctor drew in green, blue, red ink on my foot, to help me localize where pain is coming from. He explained what was going on in each section that might be the culprit sector. I need to take a picture to remember the drawing. Visuals help me a lot in understanding this technical stuff.

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, Sissie, Thanks for the explanation. It would be neat if you could post the drawing! Chris

  6. Sissie on

    I tried to put the pictures into this area, but it wouldn’t work. Any suggestions?

  7. Nucklehead on

    Hi Sissie, I was the one who wanted to know about screw removal. Thank-you for asking your surgeon. To post a picture, you can upload it to any photo site and give us the URL link to it. For example, you can try

  8. Sissie on

    Ok, I put a bunch of my surgery photos on

    I tried to put a little explanation with each pic.
    I don’t know if this will work. If you see graduation pics, it’s when I got my master’s.

  9. Nucklehead on

    Hi Sissie. Thank you for sharing your pics. I have the exact same pain in my big toe (purple box). If feels like sort of a combination of bruising, tingling and burning sensation.

  10. Sissie on

    Your welcome. I know what you mean. I’m going to try to log just where and when it hurts. More than average 🙂
    Thanks for taking a peek.

  11. Justchillin on

    Hi Chris – Great blog! Your story is inspiring to me – I hope to be right with you in terms of running. 8 weeks of little exercise is taking its toll! Maybe Novemeber?

    Glennn – (Just Chillin)

  12. fractralfoot on

    Hi, Sissie and Nucklehead…I was on vacation with no internet doing some hiking, which is why it took so long to answer..I know that big toe pain, too. It also seemed as though there was a rubber band twined tightly around it.
    Several people suggested tapping the foot gently where it was sensitive, and it seemed to help. The weird sensations slowly went away. It took longer for me to be able to move the big toe independently of the other toes. I think I have the whole long story on the blog!
    Keep working on it!

    • Sissie on

      Thanks, Chris. My physical therapist told me my foot will probably always hurt some, until I get arthritis and it hurts more. I’m trying to figure out just what is hurting when. Then maybe I can figure out the why. Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

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