WPFG and Me

I took off from my “training” for a few days to watch my nephew ride, and to volunteer, I thought, in the World Police and Fire Games, which turned out to be the most pathetically disorganized event I have ever had the misfortune to be associated with! (I can’t imagine how these people can keep their not-for-profit status for one day! They overcharged, misrepresented, on occasion endangered athletes and the public, and barely scored the events after advertising world-class venues and officiating!) Eventually, my sister and I bailed from the volunteer corps! But watching and cheering on my nephew in the cycling events was fun. I was constantly on my feet, though.

At the end of two or three days the foot was hurting…the left more than the right, so all isn’t perfect there. Fortunately, a friend gave my foot a massage which cleared up all the problems. He told me to stay off it for a day, but I didn’t listen. I went out today and did my little run. The good news? The rest did me good. I did a longer walking warmup, and felt great when I started jogging. Probably started a little too fast, ’cause my sprint at the end lasted less than a minute.

So when your foot hurts after it’s supposed to be healed…get a good foot massage!


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  1. Laura on

    I know the WPFG was awfully organized and not all the mess was due to the hurricane. I could go on and on and on about that! But overall, the WPFG are a wonderful idea, full of friendship between countries and good times. I thought the athletes did a wonderful job of remaining more or less cheerful, even though their training schedules were smashed, bikes were lost/smashed (not due to athletes!), and almost everything negative possible other than death/ maiming were thrown at them. I’d support WPFG in any other city- but never in NYC again!

  2. Bibi on

    I’ll take a massage any time!

    Seriously, it was great of you to volunteer for the events… a lot of people would have used the foot problem as an excuse. Too bad the organizers didn’t ‘stand up’ to their performance test!

  3. fractralfoot on

    And we want to host the Olympics??????

  4. Sissie on

    I’m always encouraged to hear from you, Chris. I’m back to school full time. In other words, on my feet a whole lot. I still walk outdoors with the cane, but can go solo in the classroom. My third graders are very careful of my “foot” and will act as blockers if any other kids or adults come around. They are so cute the first week of school! I’m tracking just where my foot hurts (as much as I can remember) each day. So I can report back to my doc. The first day I felt fatigue, second day it was sore with some serious pain during our staff meeting. Wednesday Ibprofen by 10 a.m. Really sore but bearable. Today I awoke with no pain. Had the usual bit until things loosened up. Then physical therapy. They put me on this balancing machine, and even on both feet, I suck. I have to hang on to the handles. Balance, strength are pt focus — add stamina to that.
    I agree with Bibi — kudos to your volunteering. One of the p therapists “stretch” my foot, ankle, and whatever stuff is there after pt. I don’t find it pleasant. But the ice after always helps.

    • fractralfoot on

      Good to hear from you, Sissie! Your third graders must be sweet, protecting their teacher! I wonder if the responsibility will make them better students in the long run.
      Isn’t trying to balance humiliating? In yoga class, I went from being really good (for my age) to being able to do zilch! But now the balancing ability is back. My ankle even wobbles to adjust the way it should. So hang in there!

  5. Frank on

    I also attended the WPFG and it was horribly organized. The events were supposed to have security and nobody could get in without a pass. Well, I was never asked for my ID once and I doubt the guy that stole stuff from my bag was asked either. There were no toilets at the fields and no where to get food. NY should be ashamed of themselves for ever taking on this responsibility.

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, Frank, what was your sport? Where are you from? My nephew came from Canada for the cycling, which was a farce. I’m not sure how much of the mess was the City’s fault, and how much was the organizer’s. For instance, the “professional” cycling event organizer tried to start the Central Park race without having marshals at quite a few intersections, some busy ones at that. The Parks Department rep made him delay the start until he could hustle up 10 more volunteers, but they would have been justified in stopping it altogether. As it was, some of the new volunteers didn’t have a clue what they were supposed to do! I don’t know who put the bid together, but I agree, they should be ashamed! I think the organizers thought it would all take care of itself! I am so sorry you had stuff stolen.

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