Run with a friend!

I did my last run with my sister…now that the travesty of the World Police and Fire Games was over, we had time. I had no idea how helpful it would be! She has been running for some years now, so she could make some suggestions. I hadn’t realized how much using my arms a bit more would help! I got my heartbeat up substantially higher than I had been able to before. And just having the company helped keep me going.

Now I just have to learn to use my heartbeat monitor more efficiently!

Today when I went running, I found that the benefits continued. I actually hit a stride for a few seconds at a time! So if you find you are kicked off PT before you have learned to run again (and it’s very likely), try to get a friend to run with you. It certainly helped me! By the way, if my only problem was the Lisfranc injury, I think I would be running easily now. It’s the anastrozole that’s holding me back.


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  1. flashnomadBibi on

    That’s interesting. I had no idea that there were different ways to run! I think I need to borrow one of you to get me running!

  2. Laura on

    And it helped me to run with you too! Made me run faster, longer, stronger.
    It was fun to show off in front of someone!

  3. Suzanne on

    There are a number of running programs available. Look at and pick one that suits you. The key seems to be to start out at a level that you will have success with. Also if you are near a Running Room store they have great beginning running classes that last about 10 weeks. They also have 2 group runs that are open to all, whether you are in one of their classes or not. Probably other running stores have this too. The main thing to running is to get out and do it.

  4. Sissie on

    Way to go! You make the journey seem doable.

    • fractralfoot on

      Thank you Sissie…the encouragement is always helpful!

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