Hurray! I’m a Penguin!!!

I discovered there’s a name for us slow runners..It’s Penguins!!! Yay, I have a name!

Here’s a link to a youtube of a penguin running…OK, I don’t waddle, but I still think it’s pretty funny.

There’s also a website for us penguins, a penguin support group, and even a thread for people who claim to be the slowest penguin on the block!.Hey, penguins, I win! This penguin is so slow that she finishes her run earlier than she started, because she can’t keep up with the earth’s rotation.

The sites don’t seem that active, but they are fun to read.

I don’t know why, but I think it’s hysterical! Somehow it helps make everything better…OK, I have lost a good bit of flexibility, my legs don’t have the strength they used to, I can’t get up gracefully from a front roll, and I’m losing my mind, but HEY! I’m a PENGUIN! (Funny, I always thought of myself as a duck!)

So when people start learning to run again once the foot has healed, you have a nice image to have in your head! At least as long as you don’t intend to be in the Olympics next time, in which case a faster animal might be better…Are runners who knock over slower ones to get to the front known as Skuas?

And remember, what is making it hard is the Anastrozole, not the Lisfranc Injury! The foot is doing just fine…just a little sore in the morning after I push it the day before.


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  1. Polly on

    I want to be an albatross!

    • fractralfoot on

      That means you can never stop!

  2. Sissie on

    I’m picking up the habit of turning the less than perfect foot out, looking like a duck. Penguining might be a positive change. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Polly on

    Sissie, maybe you should do one step duck, one step penguin! Think over time, it will average out. But watching the little penguin run, did you notice that at the end, he’s running just as fast towards the camera and getting further and further away. Poor thing.

    • fractralfoot on

      I’m doing better than that! I’m so slow that I finish before I started because the earth rotates backwards faster than I go forward!

      Sissie, have you talked with your PT about it? Mine told me I was walking all wrong at one point, and I thought I was doing fine, so I had to go back and re-work it! It was a bummer at the time, but I think it paid off.

  4. joseph on

    we’re getting penguins at the zoo next year, does that mean you’ll come visit your family? We could penguin run to the penguin exhibit!

    • fractralfoot on

      That would be fun! But can you qualify as a penguin? Maybe you could organize a penguin run? Chris

  5. Sissie on

    I’m working on relearning the correct way to walk. It isn’t easy, but it will help my back, knee, hip, leg, and foot. But she also said if I can walk “ducklike” without pain, then maybe that will have to do. In the long run, the right way will be better, so I keep working at it.

  6. Polly on

    Since Joseph used to be a swimmer, he’d be the swimming penguin. That way he could go fast.

    Maybe Sissie should be an honorary family penguin.

    • fractralfoot on

      I think it would be funny to organize a slow-runners’ race. Do you think it would be considered in poor taste?

  7. Sissie on

    You guys are so funny! It’s nice to laugh. Thanks

    • fractralfoot on

      We decided that it would be one big loop, and if you finished before a given time, you would be disqualified. There would be a finishing chute, and the first person through would be eaten by a leopard seal. The last 20 would get a prize of nova lox. Everyone who finished would get a gummy fish (or a little bag of gummy fishes!). I think they would also get a little discount on zoo entry for that day? Of course, there would need to be a cut-off for finishing. After 3 hours, global warming makes the ice melt, and the poor penguins eventually perish. Is that too gloomy? No timing chips, so we could call it the World Police and Fire Games Penguin Run. (You have to have been there to get that “zing.”)

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