Stagnant blood chi???

I was so excited because I found out that the Cancer Center now has an acupuncturist, and for a while, treatment will be free! So I went to see her, hoping that she will be able to counteract the gelling (getting “frozen” into a position after you’ve held it for a while, like having trouble straightening up after sitting at a table) I am experiencing. She went over a bunch of stuff, then told me that the purple tinge on my tongue meant I had stagnant blood chi. Whoooo, that doesn’t sound good. Gave me a bunch of suggestions to overcome that condition.
Then she went on to discuss additional suggestions, while I continued to muse…my tongue surely isn’t always purple…etc…when suddenly I remembered:

The Culprit

I slugged down a bunch of grape juice just before I left the house!
Shouldn’t one ask before diagnosing????


5 comments so far

  1. mjbentley on

    That is hillarious! Who knew that grape juice had such an affect on your chi? It should have a warning or something!

    Glad to hear that the rest of you is okay though.

  2. Joseph on

    Grape juice… The destroyer of chi!

    • fractralfoot on

      Oh my goodness! Who woulda thunk it! No wonder those penguins can keep plodding along…no grapes in Antarctica!

  3. Laura on

    Is there some kind of yoga that would help? (Joseph?)

    • fractralfoot on

      I’m working on lining up some therapeutic or restorative yoga. Should help…

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