Van Cortlandt Park Running Trail

Yesterday I went to check out the Van Cortlandt Park Cross Country track that will be used for the 5K race I was hoping to run. Whoa, not so fast!! It’s a beautiful trail, but the hills are just too much for me. I actually managed to slow jog a lot of it, but ended up walking a lot, too. Some of the hills made me breathless just walking up them at a good clip. Maybe next year…

Beautiful, but hilly

Van Cortlandt Park Running Track

Fortunately, there’s another race the same weekend that I might be able to do. I’m not sure yet if it will work out. I think I found out another reason why I am having such a hard time getting back in condition. The night before my pre-op, so long ago, I went into atrial fibrillation, and kept it up all during the next day. They had to admit me into the hospital to get my heart back to normal so they could operate, and after the operation, I did it again a few times, though never for more than an hour…so I got put on medication to keep it from recurring, and never got taken off. I just realized how much it slows down  the heart, which means your muscles don’t get blood! So I have an appointment next month to discuss training and heart medication, and to see if I can be weaned off at least some of it.

Stiff toes…I have found that my toes on the foot-previously-known-as-broken are getting stiff, so it’s back to foot exercises. I’m also using a toe stretcher (in moderation) and interlacing my fingers between my toes when I do a foot massage. I’ll see how it goes…


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  1. Laura on

    Looks like you have to watch where you’re running too. Look forward to walking it with you sometime.

    • fractralfoot on

      No, we are going to run it! (Or at least, jog it.) The surface isn’t that bad…there are just old railway ties holding the hills together, so you have to run over them. Kinda neat!

      • Laura on

        HA, one time I was running on the railway and I fell off and really skinned my knee. It earned great sympathy points with my kindergartners at school, except for the kid later diagnosed with Asperger’s. So when we run it, I’ll look down and you can look up. That way we’ll see all the birds, flowers, mushrooms, and the railway ties.

      • fractralfoot on

        OK, deal

  2. Bibi Jordan on

    Love the photo!

  3. Sissie on

    What a lovely trail. I know what you mean about the exercising part. I forgot to do my toe crunches at home for awhile. It made a huge difference trying to pick the pesky marbles up. I’ve heard that heart condition can cause great fatigue. Hope everything turns out well. Then you’ll be off and running once again.

    • fractralfoot on

      Thanks, Sissie…I’ll use your observation as a reminder to continue to exercise the toes! Thanks also for the good wishes!

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