Barefoot Running?

No, I’m not racing out to the park without shoes, although I run around barefoot in the apartment all the time. But recently, the New York Times ran an article on barefoot running, “The Once and Future Way to Run, ” which included a video of two exercises to help you run barefoot. (For the video, you click on the picture at the top of the article.) They immediately clicked for me. For one thing, they were a lot like the exercises I thought up for myself after I finished PT. Then, later in the article, the author references a barefoot running system called the Pose Method. So I looked up that on YouTube.  I really liked the exercises, and I have started doing some of them to help strengthen my mid-foot.

Mind you, I am already running barefoot on the mat, and I don’t intend to start barefoot running in Central Park. And I’m not suggesting everyone with a Lisfranc injury start doing them! My physical therapist had lots of tortuous exercises for me to do. But I am interested in getting my foot stronger than it was before the injury, so for me, they seemed just perfect.

I’ll see if I keep doing them, and if they seem to have a good effect.


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  1. Laura on

    How long does it take to do all these? Do you do all of them? (I didn’t look too closely at it. I was watching a program on quantum mechanics at the same time. As a consequence, I didn’t understand either! On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t understand the quantum mechanics anyway.)

    • fractralfoot on

      I would hate to think that my post interfered with your understanding of quantum mechanics! Perhaps when you watch the one on string theory, you had better focus on it. Then you can explain it to me.
      I am only doing one or two of the exercises.. the high leg lifts in the video in the Times Article, and then a little foot bounce from the Pose video. For me, they don’t take long, but I have no idea how long they would take if one were serious about using them to run barefoot! I just want to strengthen my feet a litte.

  2. Stuar on

    I realise this is a few years ago but how did this work out for you?
    I had 3 snapped metas and am now just starting the physio and just acquired “barefoot trainers” (sneakers – I’m a Brit).
    Did you try skipping / jump rope? Seems to me those pose methods can be done with a skipping rope?

    • fractralfoot on

      I did do some jumping rope. I think it was helpful. Unfortunately I had some other health issues which got in the way of running, but it wasn’t the foot that was the problem. At this point I am totally unaware of the broken metatarsals. I did find the exercises very helpful.

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