The Famous Mural

Life has been pretty dull on the Lisfranc side, thank goodness, but there has been other excitement. My nephew, a senior at art school, designed a mural that was painted on a wall in Brooklyn. I am so  proud of him! Here’s a link to his design: link, link, link…

After it was finished, a famous graffiti artist added pigeons, and for a while was given credit for the whole thing, but it seems to be in the process of being straightened out. Here’s a site that shows the completed mural with the work by both artists. The actual painting was done by the artist Cern One. I plan on going over to see it next week, and to get a photo of my own I can post!

My take on it was…what a compliment to an artist who is still in school to have something he designed attributed to an established artist and no one says, “You gotta be kidding!” Better start collecting his stuff now!

So Life after Lisfranc continues apace!


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  1. Joseph on

    Yeah! Go john! I try to collect his stuff, I have a picture he drew in grade 2 still!

  2. Suzanne on

    Does he sell his stuff? It’s pretty hard to collect a wall!

  3. Laura on

    He did a great mural for us on our garage door a couple years ago. We were afraid the elderly lady across the alley would complain about it. She’s the one who actually gets to look out her window and see it every day. She loved it! Unfortunately, we had a hail storm last year, and while the insurance company paid for a new roof, they wouldn’t pay for the artist to be flown up and do a new mural. Now the paint is slowly chipping away.

  4. Sissie on

    Good to hear life continues to go on all around us. Merry Christmas!

    • fractralfoot on

      Thanks, Sissie…Merry Christmas to you, too! How are you doing these days?

  5. Laura on

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. Sissie on

    Hope your holidays are going nicely. I see my surgeon next week, in honor of our “anniversary” surgery. Everything seems to take longer then I anticipate, looking at the other blogs. My owie foot is still larger and misshaped. Swelling occurs most evenings. Pain isn’t all that bad lately. When I do lots of standing in one place I will definitely be sore latter. If I walk, sore but not too bad. I just keep trying to increase my stamina. I’ve been able to work in the classroom, and even though I have been stepped on a couple of times, things are ok. I’m now doing this healthy gym pt program to continue to strengthen my foot, ankle and leg. I’ll let you know what the dr says after next week. I’m making a list of questions I’ll send before I see him. I would welcome any and all ideas.

    • Laura on

      Best of luck, Sissie. It took Christine a long time to recover and she’s still not as bouncy as she used to be- although it might be the other medication. As long as things are improving gradually.

    • fractralfoot on

      Hey, Sissie, Happy New Year! If I recall, OK, I was a bit ahead of you by the one year mark, but I wasn’t out of the woods by a long shot. I went back and looked at some of the posts from then, and found that I had only just been able to get my hiking boots on and was delighted when my foot didn’t get too sore if I was on it for a long time, so it seems that you aren’t that much behind…and your injury, as I recall, was worse then mine. I, too, have been stepped on a few times, and found it wasn’t so bad..the anticipation is worse!
      Questions…what about–is there anything I shouldn’t be doing?
      How much should I be elevating the foot at this point?
      If your hardware wasn’t removed…What conditions should make me ask about removal?
      How long should it take for any residual nerve damage to go away? Can I do anything to speed it on?

      As Laura long as you are seeing improvement, you are improving! Hang in there….Chris

  7. Sissie on

    Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your encouragement.

    • fractralfoot on

      Write whenever you want, Sissie…I know it’s a hard road!

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